Modern Building

Modern Building

Intelligence manufacturing for more smarter, safer,energy conservation, enviroment protection and loT residential ecology.



Modern Building -- meet future

Modern buildings integrated with intelligence terminal equipment ensure the quality of the environment as well as reduce the consumption of resources, environmental damage and pollution.

  • BAPV
  • BIPV
  • Elevator
  • Modern Business Display Technology
  • Security monitoring
  • UPS
  • Rooftop Photovaltaic Solution

    Integrated independent technologies, like laser, welding, to decrease cost to meet customer's comprehensive needs.

    • xiandaijianzhuwudingguangfu.png
      Rooftop photovaltaic pannel
    • Convenient Operation
      Independent development, easy operation, convenient and fast
    • Save cost
      Hign capacity, high precision and high stability
    • Strong performance
      High compitablity, high flexible, easy maintenance, universal application
  • BIPV Solution

    Flexible BIPV instead of conventional PV glass,integrated with building shape,which can be bend.Hymson offer green,energy saving,zero carbon BIPV process solution.

    • jiejuefanganxiandaijianzhuBIPVjichengjianzhu.png
      BIPV integrated building
    • One-stop solution
      Fast response to market demand with complete
    • Advanced technology
      Updated equipment to save cost
    • High efficiency
      Solid mechnical character, save cost, high conversion
  • Elevator Manufacturing Solutions

    The key to the processing of elevator sheet metal parts is speed, and the laser cutting solution is very suitable for the processing range and processing requirements of elevator sheet metal parts

    • xiandaijianzhudianti.png
      Elevator Manufacturing
    • High Speed Cutting
      Laser cutting can realize high-speed and high-precision cutting of elevator sheet metal parts
    • Low Cost
      Realize large quantities of elevator sheet metal parts cutting through laser cutting, reducing processing costs
    • Safety
      Fully enclosed machine with double platform,safe and efficient production
  • New Display Solutions

    The Hymson company has Mini LED/Micro LED from chip segment, display module segment to display integration segment and other full-process equipment, one-stop to provide industry customers with intelligent solutions for cost reduction and efficiency improvement and large-scale production.

    • xiandaijianzhuxiandaishangyongxianshijishu.png
    • High-performance lasers
      Self-developed advanced laser, good beam quality
    • Ultra-high machining accuracy
      High-precision micron-level motion platform integration to achieve micro-nano processing level
    • Intelligent control system
      Fully automatic intelligent program is simple to set, stable with accuracy and high efficiency
    • Autonomous optical design
      The self-developed optical design capabilities can meet the needs of different application scenarios and form core competitiveness
  • Intelligent solution for security monitoring

    Hymson has many years of experience in laser and automation applications, providing the industry with low-cost and efficient intelligent production mode.

    • xiandaijianzhuanfangjiankong.png
      Security monitoring
    • Maintenance-free and long service life
      Maintenance-free. Capable of continuous use up to 20000 hours
    • High precision
      Resolution up to 2540dpi
    • Good effect
      Multiple optional modes for first pulse suppression to achieve the best suppression effect
  • Opportunities and Challenges Behind the Increasingly Popular UPS

    As UPS energy storage technology develops, technological innovation will be the key to achieving breakthroughs. Only through continuous technological innovation and process upgrades can we meet the demanding requirements of UPS battery, including superior compatibility, high power, a long life cycle, and strong stability. Integrated and automated production methods, as well as the use of laser welding, will enhance the automation of UPS battery manufacturing and facilitate the development of high-quality and rapid energy storage batteries.

    • xiandaijianzhuUPSchuneng.png
    • High Integration
      The innovative system design of assembly line integrates multiple processes such as logistic line, high-speed material grabbing and assembling, realizing high accuracy of repeated operations, low-cost production with high quality.
    • High Compatibility
      Highly flexible modular design that shortens the changeover time;
      The integrated design saves cost and space, and facilitates maintenance.
    • High Automation, Mature Process
      Mature processes that provide laser welding, laser notching and cutting, dust removal through the whole line and online monitoring, traceable production data for each of the processes.
      High stability of the equipment and high yield rate of products.

Main Products

Green, energy saving, return to nature, intelligent manufacturing for modern building save resources.

  • BAPV
  • BIPV
  • Elevator
  • Modern Business Display Technology
  • Security monitoring
  • UPS


Hymson dedicated to optimize production efficiency and energy utilization with high efficiency and stablization manufacturing equipment for partner

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