Basic Technology—— Physical simulation computing Platform

Basic Technology-Physical Simulation Computing Platform


Physical simulation engineering computing platform for Product development lifecycle

It provides a simulation engineering calculation platform for the whole life cycle of product development, covering the simulation calculation of structure, fluid, electromagnetic, thermal and multidisciplinary cross-coupling, and solves the engineering and technical problems of equipment pain points


Technical Advantages

  • Structure techniqure
  • Fluid technology
  • Dynamic technique
  • Thermal techniques
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    Structure techniqure
    • Topological technology is used to optimize the stiffness, strength and stability of equipment structure and improve the reliability of equipment.
    • On the premise of ensuring structural stiffness and other parameters, lightweight design components to maximize the utilization of materials.
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    Fluid technology
    • Focus on various complex flow physical phenomena,  variety of optimized physical models are introduced through CFD calculation, which are verified by experiments and improved in design.
    • It can directly observe the dust movement, quantitatively analyze the dust removal structure and dust removal efficiency, help to determine the dust removal effect in multiple aspection via combine simulation with test.
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    Dynamic technique
    • Fast virtual prototype tension prediction, shorten the development cycle, reduce the cost of research and development, and provide theoretical and numerical basis for the development of tension algorithm;
    • Forward development can realize the theoretical modeling and real-time prediction of the tension system of the whole machine, output the tension data of the target position, quantify the evaluation index, and reduce the tension fluctuation through the upstream tension system optimization.
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    Thermal techniques
    • Environmental protection and energy saving: low energy consumption, high energy efficiency, less fixed cost investment;
    • Safe and reliable: it will not cause damage to the heated object because of non-contact;
    • Fast and efficient: no heat transfer medium, fast thermal response, direct heating objects.


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    New display
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    EV power


Products relative to physical simulation computing platform

  • EV Battery
  • Electronics
  • Photovoltaic
  • Smart Home
  • Life Sciences
  • Modern Building
  • Transports
  • Sheet-metal Working



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