Insist in technology-oriented principle, persist in increasing technology research and development and innovation to lower cost and higher efficiency for photovaltaic.



Photovaltic - Smart Life

Hymson's independent technology significantly enhances the yield of produce and ensures greater conversion efficiency, providing superior production solutions for the photovoltaic industry.

  • Cell
  • PV cell module
  • PV glass
  • Battery energy storage
  • Inverter
  • Solar Mounting
  • Solution for Cell

    Better intelligence production process to improve cell efficiency.

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      Silicon solar cells
    • High Efficiency
      Increased electrical property efficiency up 0.2% comporision with conventional technical route.
    • High Productivity
      Precision visual orientation, high speed flexible transmission
    • High precision
      Both Graphic accuracy and registration accuracy ≤±10μm
  • Solution of PV cell module

    Cutting cost of PV cell module down is effective way to increase efficiency of PV system  due to PV cell module account for high proportion in system.

    • guangfuzujian.png
      PV cell module
    • b2img03.png
      Connecting box laser welding
    • High-efficiency and energy-saving
      Hymson innovation process consume less energy than traditional process.
    • Optimization Choice
      Update process controllable quality, high efficiency
    • Cost-saving
      Save raw material to decrease PV module cost
  • Solution of PV glass

    Committed to develop more persistant, stable,reliable equipment for good foundation of PV system.

    • guangfujiejuefanganguangfuboli.png
      PV glass
    • High Efficiency
      Multi-head machining,high productivity
    • Multi-function
      Independent development software,optional customization function
    • Cost-saving
      Automation loading and unloading, reduce manual cost
  • Battery energy storage solution

    The proportion of electricity of new energy such as photovoltaics and wind power is gradually increasing, and the demand for battery energy storage is also increasing simultaneously. However, the current technology and production models of equipment cannot meet the requirements of future quality and production capacity development, which has become the biggest constraint on the development of the industry.

    • lvke-898.png
      Prismatic Battery
    • Advanced process
      Innovation and upgradation of process equipment, including high speed, integration, and digitization, to create intelligent manufacturing of battery energy storage.
    • High accuracy and high-speed production
      The new design of the control system, from the special machine to the whole line, covers different process steps such as roll pressing, cutting, movement, high-speed grabbing, and winding to improve the consistency of batteries, high-efficiency and low-cost production.
    • Compatibility
      Modular design shortens changeover time.
      The integrated design saves cost and space, and facilitates maintenance.
  • Inverter solution

    Hymson continuously upgrades its process technology to achieve automation, precision and low cost in inverter production.

    • nibianqi.png
      Photovoltaic inverter
    • High efficiency
      Automatic production
    • Low cost
      Automated production, saving labor costs
    • Compatibility
      Standardized module design, can be adjusted at any time, the extension station or upgrade
    • The traceability of information
      Using RFID technology, accurate record the production information in each stage of the product, can ensure the traceability of product information
  • Solar Mounting Solution

    Advanced laser cutting solutions can effectively optimize the processing process in the production and manufacture of solar photovoltaic brackets.

    • taiyangnengzhijia.png
      Metal Bracket
    • High Speed and High Accuracy
      Laser cutting realizes the precision, production efficiency and quality requirements of photovoltaic support processing, high production efficiency.
    • Zero Cutting Residue
      Laser cutting realizes zero cutting residue,saves materials, effectively reduces pipe loss, improves material utilization, and saves production costs.
    • Support Diverse Pipe Processing
      Laser cutting realizes the pattern cutting, punching, cutting and other processing procedures required for various metal material photovoltaic supports, and the production flexibility is high.

Main Products

Photovoltaic machine
Innovation process decrease production line operation cost

  • Cell
  • PV cell module
  • PV glass
  • Battery energy storage
  • Inverter
  • Solar Mounting


Hymson dedicated to optimize production efficiency and energy utilization with high efficiency and stablization manufacturing equipment for partner

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