Laser Glue Removal Line

Product Description

Laser Glue Removal Line

After the PCB is coated with waterproof film, the adhesive paper, glue, cap, etc. are removed by laser cutting and mechanical removal. It mainly includes automatic loading and unloading, precision laser cutting machine, automatic glue remover, laser film remover, AOI detection, etc.

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Product Advantages

  • The machine adopts the simplex station single rack mode, and the number of freely assembled machine matches the UPH.
  • The machine adopts square welded frame+air spring roller type open and close door structure, with atmospheric appearance
  • The left and right products are switched with tool-free quick-change structure, and the production switching time of the left and right boards is less than 30min.
  • Precision laser cutting machine innovatively uses 2900W camera to accurately take photos and cut products, generate DWG graphics, 500W CCD secondary positioning, automatically correct the cutting position, maximize the efficiency of laser, cut the waterproof film without damaging the product.
  • Basic Information
    • Line dimension:L14056mm x D2505mm x H1740mm
  • Product Performance
    • UPH:800
    • Yield:99.5%
    • Efficiency:95%

Sourcing Requirements

EV Battery
Smart Home
Life Sciences
Modern Building
Sheet-metal Working
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