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UV-LED exposure machine

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UV-LED exposure machine is widely used in the curing of complex surface, such as 3D curved glass, car - shaped glass, and cell phone back cover CG processing.
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Equipment Feature:
  • The machine frame adopts the square welding, the overall appearance color is blue and white, and the front and rear  in stallation of transparent acrylic is open to the door, and the whole is beautiful and atmosphere.
  • The equipment runs smoothly, with little vibration and high processing quality. 
  • The device operating device (mouse, keyboard, monitor, interface button) has reasonable layout and convenient operation.
  • In the spare time key mouse can fold into the device inside, do not take up space, other operation device is simple and convenient.
  • Special customized light source: under the condition of ensuring the exposure Angle, the light can be soft and the best exposure quality can be obtained. 
  • light Angle is 1.5 °, evenness is as high as 90%, adapt to the ink is wider. 
  • When the equipment is processed, it will be fully automated, and the robot will automatically send up and down materials, and the rotating platform will realize automatic counterpoint exposure. 
  • Self-developed exposure software, easy to learn and easy to use, the function can be customized by customers. 
  • The whole equipment adopts the whole line control, the control mode is simple, and the stability of the equipment is good.
  • High-precision industrial camera is applied in processing, and five-point positioning method is adopted to ensure the accuracy of positioning. 
  • Adopt the Taiwan XXY high-precision platform to ensure the high precision of product location and size. 
  • The exposure area of the light source is 180*180 ~ 400*400, which can be customized according to customer requirements.
  • Flexible materials are used in the contact product parts of the machine, zero damage to the product. 
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