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Specifications of double-station marking machines
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Specifications of double-station marking machines

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Primary application: Cutting and marking on PCB plates, FPC soft plates and other materials.
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Equipment Feature:
  • This model can be used as automatic material loading and unloading and manual switchover to trays.
  • This model can be used for full cutting and semi-cutting; and can also used for cutting of 2D codes, 1D code and words.
  • It performs simultaneous dual-station operation so that marking/cutting/material loading and unloading can be performed at the same time, with double production efficiency compared to that of traditional single units, so it is economical and practical in application.
  • This model can be used for PCB cutting and for marking 2D codes, 1D codes and words, etc.
  • XY gantry structure is used with marble base plates for stable load bearing and resistance to corrosion.
  • With water cooling laser source, quick machining speed, high stability and long service life.
  • High negative vacuum machine adsorption products are used to ensure positioning stability.
  • There are built-in power stabilizers to securely protect equipment and electric appliances on a stable and reliable basis.
  • The software can achive automatic generation of product processing record documentation so that customers can inquire about exported data.
  • The software can perform communication with laser and moving control cards, so that instructions can be entered from the software for inquiry about laser information, inquiry about moving control card status and other operations.
  • The independently researched and developed cutting software is easy to be learned and used with customization functions 
  • to be selected by customers. 
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