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All-Screen special shaped cutting machines

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Primary application: mobile phone OLED screens, LCD screens, TFT screens,optical filters and other products.
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Equipment Feature:
  • Marble precision platforms are used for stable load bearing and resistance to corrosion. 
  • Using linear motors collocated with optical scale fully-closed loop driven processing platforms with maintenance done and at high precision. 
  • Using imported PS laser sets, PSO signal control mode, with smaller affected areas of processed heat to ensure the consistence of cutting quality of any position of special shape cutting. 
  • No residue or line width or conical degree in cutting, with cutting chip < 5μm and at high processing efficiency.
  • The heteromorphic chamfering R is a small as 0.5mm.
  • Imported optical components are used with reliable quality and low power consumption.
  • Imported vacuum generation components are used to ensure the stability of product adsorption and orientation.
  • There are built-in power stabilizers for the secured protection of power supply for equipment in a stable and reliable manner;There is provision of automatic alignment CCD and visual lenses, which can accurately identify various Mark points.
  • It is the cutting software independently researched and developed, with simple and convenient graphic and text data processing and operation that is easy to be learned and applied. 
  • There is provision of automatic structures for material loading and unloading to lessen manual operation and to greatly improve productivity and quality.
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