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Fully automatic double head dual platform cutting machine
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Fully automatic double head dual platform cutting machine

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Dual-platform dual-laser cutting machine can be manually loaded materials,automatically cut and sort out LGA.
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Equipment Feature:
  • Apply marble precise platform with stable bearing and strong corrosion resistance. 
  • Use linear motor coordinating with optical scale full-closed rings to drive processing platform, easily maintained and highly precise. 
  • Import American SP ultraviolet laser of which processing heat affects small range and the stability is good, applicable to precise cutting.
  • Apply imported optical units with high quality and low power consumption.
  • Apply imported vacuum generators to ensure the stability of products to absorb and locate.
  • In-built power voltage stabilizer and safety protective equipment electric appliance are stable and reliable.
  • Configurate automatically counterpointed CCD and visual shots that can precisely indentify all kinds of Mark points.
  • Self-researched cutting softwares can simply treat data of pictures and documents, of which the operation is easy to learn.
  • Configurate automatic loading and unloading structures to reduce manual operation and substantially improve productivity and quality.
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