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Automatic Cell Assembly Line

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The line is used for assembling power battery in the middle.
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The line is used for assembling power battery in the middle, and main equipment includes:Automatic hot-press molding machine, automatic cell pairing machine, automatic ultrasonic welding machine, automatic connector & cap welding machine, automatic Mylar wrapping machine, automatic cell insertion machine, automatic cap welding machine and automatic air-tight test machine (helium detector).

Equipment Features

High degree of automation, the whole assembly no one to interfere.

  • In high degree of automation, realizingno humanoperations in the whole process of assembly.
  • Be highly compatible with multiple different series of products.
  • Adopt the modular design,realizing quick remolding, less parts used and low cost.
  • Withhigh accuracy of assembly, realizing both visualand mechanical positioning mode, and the accuracy of positioningimproved.
  • With automatic control of process flow, traceable information in the whole process,linked to various types of MES system.
  • Non-standard customization of automatic assembly line according to the users' cells in different process routes.
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产品参数Product parameters

气源Air source

电源Power supply



良品率Yield rate

设备故障率Equipment failure rate

兼容范围Compatible scope


Replace clamps and fixtures for remolding in the system


As for cross-series remolding, please refer to technical support in details 


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