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HF.D series of optical fiber laser cutting machine

HF.D series of optical fiber laser cutting machine

  • Friendly human-computer interface interaction, rich content only in need of simple operation demand.
  • CNC has more accurate and stable control and higher response speed to the realization of U-axis following, power control, follow-up control, leapfrog, scanning cutting and other functions.
  • Standard configuration, stable power supply, single after-sales window, service is free from worry. BOSCH full-automatic proportional valve is used to greatly reduce your operating cost.
  • Based on BECKHOFF platform and various innovative functions, help you to promote processing efficiency and quality.


Technical parameters

Type HF3015D HF4020D HF6020D
Cutting scope 3050mm x 1550mm 4050mm x 2050mm 6050mm x 2050mm
Z-axis stroke 240mm 240mm 240mm
X/Y-axis positional accuracy ±0.03mm/m ±0.03mm/m ±0.03mm/m
X/Y-axis repeated positioning accuracy ±0.02mm ±0.02mm ±0.02mm
X/Y-axis maximum positioning velocity 140m/min 140m/min 140m/min
X/Y-axis maximum acceleration 1.5g 1.2g 1.0g
Total weight About 8.8t About 11.6t About 14.8t
Maximum load of worktable 1.2t 1.8t 2.2t
Overall dimension of complete machine 8300mm x 5700mm 10200mm x 6400mm 14300mm x 6900mm
Protection grade of main power IP54 IP54 IP54


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