Automation PERC Laser Doping Machine

Product Description

Automation PERC Laser Doping Machine

Heavy doping is be performanced in the contact part of the metal gate line (electrode) with the silicon wafer, while maintaining light doping (low concentration doping) outside the electrode. This structure reduces the recombination of the minority cassette on the emitter surface, and the metal electrode and emitter can form a good ohmic contact, so as to obtain higher short-circuit current, open-circuit voltage and fill factor, and improve the conversion efficiency of solar cells.

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Product Advantages

  • Adapt Hymson independent developed laser device & special optical circle,form sqare facula with even doping technology laser pulse shaping technology.
  • According to customer requirement design & manufacture equipment to realize high productivity, high precision, high efficiency, lossless doping.
  • Precision visual position, high speed flexible transimission, fragment lower 0.02%
  • Compact spatial layout,small footprint,simple structure, convenient commissioning,standardized modular design, high compatibility and interchangeability.
  • Composed of the host and the connection station, the system can realize manual loading and unloading as well as automatic AGV loading and unloading,satisfying customer's varying loading requirements.
  • It can be directly connected to any brand of printer with high compatibility and flexibility.
  • It supports AOI detection, silicon wafer flipping, sheet resistance detection and other functions.
  • Basic Information
    • Demension:Length×width×Height 4490×2940×2200 (unincluding tricolor light, duster, cooling)
    • Silicon wafer size:compatibility size 166/182/210/230
    • Produce space:Length×width×Height 6800mm×3700mm×2500mm
  • Product Performance
    • Fragmentation rate:≤0.02%
    • Graphic accuracy:±15um
    • Alignment accuracy:±15um
    • Capacity:≥6000pcs/h(210*210)
  • Model classification

Sourcing Requirements

EV Battery
Smart Home
Life Sciences
Modern Building
Sheet-metal Working
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