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Double-platform precision laser cutting machine
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Double-platform precision laser cutting machine

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Mark position is automatically judged via software without separately choosing Mark.
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  • It is the independently researched and developed cutting software that has powerful functions and is easy to learn. 
  • Opticpath optimized design, with the cutting efficiency higher than that of the same category of prducts.
  • Automatic galvanometer calibration function to effectively ensure the cutting accuracy.
  • Convenient software operation capabl of moving the platform on graphic files to fix the cutting range.to make any setting.
  • Automatically saving cutting conditions each time capable of being directly exported when cutting is done again without having Parametersetting capable of increasing cutting parameters without upper limits. 
  • Capable of setting graphic file zoom scale as required by customers.
  • Having measuring function to be able to measure sizes directly on the device without necessarily removing products.
  • High power positioning CCD and optic resolution at um/ixel The CCD provided with navigation widens the visible range to facilitate catching the target. 
  • Unique dual CCD structure.If you orget to set the graphic origin, the software will automatically fix the matrix graphic origin.
  • The software automatically judges the position of Mark without necessarily selecting Mark.
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