Module Assembly Line

Product Description

Module Assembly Line

The module line mainly consists of loading, ablation and stacking of cells, seam welding/module bundling, heating and standing, terminal positioning, Busbar welding, nickel plates welding, EOL test and module unloading.

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    Final Products
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    Middle Production Process
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    Middle Production Process

Product Advantages

  • Full test of the cell voltage, resistance and thickness to ensure assembly consistency
  • Cell dispensing by two-component nozzle fixed on truss with adjustable glue pressure and mixing ratio and flow monitoring function
  • Unified standards for cell stacking, with high stacking accuracy and one-button switching of stacking modes
  • Visual addressing and off-focus measuring before laser welding to avoid missing welding and incomplete welding, and guarantee welding quality
  • Exclusive airflow dedusting to reduce the negative impacts to laser welding such as smoke, dust and welding slag
  • Compatible with multiple types of cells and modules, extendable, short model changing time and highly cost effective
  • Basic Information
    • Dimension (L*W*H):60000(L)X7000(W)X3500(H)mm
    • Gas source:0 .5-0 .7MPa
    • Power supply:380VAC , 50Hz
    • Power:380-500KW
  • Product Performance
    • Efficiency:25PPM
    • Yield:≥99 %
    • Failure rate:≤2%
    • Prismatic Li-ion cell module:Length (mm): 300-1200 Thickness (mm): 150-200 Height (mm): 90-250

Sourcing Requirements

EV Battery
Smart Home
Life Sciences
Modern Building
Sheet-metal Working
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