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Laser precision cutting machines


  • Managerial personnel can perform operation control over operators. Details of registration, parameter revision and cutting by operators can be recorded. 
  • The cutting information and cutting documents on operators can be fully automatically recorded. 
  • The complete database function facilitates customers to build different cutting parameter databases based on different materials.
  • Data on cut products can be automatically recorded, and varieties can be changed to directly export product names before resumed production. 
  • The software can read DXF files and GBR files for cutting purpose. 
  • The software can also perform communication with laser and movement control cards. Therefore, inquiry of laser information and movement control card status can be obtained from the software. 
  • The software has selective cutting and tool selective cutting as well as division of cutting parameters in different material areas and other convenient operations. 
  • Cutting files are shown in graphics cable of achieving graphic zoom, clicking selection and bar selection, and capturing and tracking featured points on graphics. 
  • Cutting control over CCD alignment can be provided with automatic zoom compensation function.
  • There is piece cutting function for array processing of PCB boards, etc to optimize the cutting process.
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