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Automatic Battery Baking Line

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Used for power battery drying, it is the full-automatic drying device integrated with battery loading, baking and cooling, modular design for the whole machine, capable of achieving any layout accordi
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The equipment is used for logistics distribution of power battery and baking function,whichis featured by automatic control of process flow, historical data query derivation, real-time display of key parameters, problem alarm and reason traceability, safety protection, and its main functions include: Barcode scanning of battery, loading and cache, battery baking, water content test, battery cooling, temperature detection and blanking.

Equipment Features

  • Adopt the robot for handling and loading, achieving the manless production, thus saving the labor cost and improving the efficiency.
  • Each module can be independently operated and has no interference with each other, improving the efficiency of equipment.
  • The robot has function of anti-collision detection and flexible design, effectively protecting the equipment and products.
  • Be equipped with contact-type baking and have a close distance between the battery and heating panel, reducing losses during the period of heat conduction, and improving the baking efficiency.
  • With unique internally circulating air cooling mode and the rapid speed of cooling improving the local efficiency.
  • Adopt the modular design, realizing quick remolding and low cost.
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