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Automatic Mylar Wrapping Machine

The equipment is used for melting on the top support after Mylar of power battery is assembled with the cell, playing a role of protecting the cell, and its main functions include: Barcode scanning of cell, loading and positioning of cell, loading and positioning of base supporting piece or Mylar, and hot melting, cell-wrapped Mylar, sweat soldering, CCD detection, glue pasting, blanking and defect troubleshooting.

Equipment Features

  • Be equipped with the vertically-wrapped Mylar, taking the center of cell cap and Mylar as a reference, avoiding the occurrence of segment gap and ensuring the accuracy of location between Mylar and cap.
  • With accurate pulse control of hot melting temperature, realizing the quick speed of heating and cooling, and ensuring that there is no wiredrawing and melting penetration phenomena.
  • Adopt a screw-type positioning needle and brush mechanism, avoiding the stripping in the process of loading of base supporting piece and Mylar.
  • Automatically change over base supporting piece/Mylar/tape, achieving no stop of machine during reloading.
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