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Automatic Connector & Cap Welding Machine

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It is used for cell transferring piece laser welding of power battery, and it is a full-automatic assembling, positioning and welding, post-welding dust removal
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The equipment is used for laser weldingafter the collector of power battery is assembled with the cap, and its main functions include: Loading and positioning of cap, barcode carving and barcode scanning of cap, loading and positioning of cell, defocusing distance detection and welding of laser, welding seal dedusting, welding seal glue pasting, assembled cell shaping, assembled cell binding and glue pasting, blanking and defect troubleshooting.

Equipment Features

  • Capabilities of full-seal laser welding and synchronous dedusting,ensuring that there is no dust residue during welding.
  • The collector and cap take the center as the reference position, ensuring the accuracy of assembly between collector and cap and keeping in the positioning state in the whole process.
  • Take the welding surface as the reference position, achieving good consistency of defocusing distance and stable welding qualityduring welding.
  • Automatically adjust the cap height in the process of assembling the cell, avoiding pulling the pole tabs.
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