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Automatic Cell Pairing Machine

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The device can achieve cell entry QR code scanning, lead dislocation detection, poor detection of needle injection, single cell entry cache
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The equipment is used for pairing A/B cells of power battery, to keep the consistent directions of copper and aluminum pole taps, and its main function include: Barcode scanning of cell, detection of pole tab dislocation and direction, defect detection of needle withdrawal, defect troubleshooting of cell, single cell cache, cell turnover, cell pairing, cell binding and blue glue pasting, binding and uploading of JR information.

Equipment Features

  • Adopt online pairing design, achieving less covering space.
  • With multilayer online cache, achieving more quantity of cache and follow the principle of first-in first-out.
  • Adopt the modular design, compatible with 2JR and 4JR, realizing quick remolding and low cost.
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