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Metal plate business division of Hymson Technology sets sail again

Metal plate business division of Hymson Technology sets sail again


With the well-known brands such as bending machines and other equipment to the factory, Anshan sea head stars - sheet metal business unit re-installed sail!

Anshan Haimei Star Sheet Metal Business Unit was established in June 2014, during the adjustment according to market demand, staff structure adjustment, the company strategic adjustment, from the initial fledgling to today's everything is ready, Anshan sea head sheet metal business unit accumulation momentum , Thick plot bloom!

Anshan sea head of the sheet metal business specializing in fiber laser cutting machine research and development, production and sales. Fiber laser cutting machine including A (independent), B (semi-enclosed), C (large surrounded by) three series of more than 20 kinds of products, widely used in handicrafts, electronics, toys and other industries, for sheet metal, metal products , Jewelry, nameplate, advertising, packaging steel, precision machinery, auto parts, glasses and other industries. For stainless steel plate, iron, aluminum, ceramic, silicon, diamond and other materials for cutting, in the country has a wide range of customer groups.

In order to meet the market demand, the Division at the same time to undertake all types of sheet metal processing, in the incoming, processing, packaging, shipping and other aspects of the whole process of strict checks to ensure that the quality of products shipped and delivery.

Anshan sea head of the sheet metal business commitment for users throughout the country the first time to provide a sound pre-sale, sales and after-sales service.

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