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Appreciation dinner of Hymson laser in Zhongshan

Appreciation dinner of Hymson laser in Zhongshan

2017-04-22 17:02

Thanks to the trust and support of our customers in Zhongshan and surrounding areas, Mr. Zou Fengwu, Manager of Haimushi Laser Zhongshan, held a grand customer with the "National Banquet" at the Zhongshan Guzhen Star Alliance on April 22, 2017, with the strong support of the company. Thanksgiving dinner, general manager of sea head star laser Nie total, director of marketing center Xu show the scene to attend the dinner, and many customers on the scene with the friendship, a total of the future.

Zhongshan as a national historical and cultural city, originated in Zhongshan Xiangshan culture is an important source of modern Chinese culture, enjoy the hometown of Cantonese opera (Cantonese opera), the reputation of overseas Chinese. It is for many years to maintain the total amount of Guangdong Province, the total economy, and with Shunde, South China Sea, Dongguan, together known as the "Guangdong four tigers." China has the hardware industry base, China Lighting Capital, China Electronics (Zhongshan) base, and other state-level industrial production base. In recent years, Zhongshan City, the implementation of "industrial city," industrial strong city "and" industrial strong city "strategy to accelerate the pace of industrial park construction, adjust and optimize the industrial structure, grasp brand strategy and technological innovation, and in Zhongshan industry optimization and upgrading In the process, as China's leading high-end smart equipment leading brand of sea star laser and Zhongshan produced a bond, and Zhongshan enterprises to grow together for the Zhongshan industrial upgrading building blocks, help Zhongshan "industrial strong city." Sea Star Star Laser The research and development of high-end intelligent equipment - fiber laser cutting machine is widely used in Zhongshan sheet metal, home appliances, lighting, kitchen utensils, electronics and other industries, its stable, efficient and intelligent product advantages and perfect after-sales service won the Zhongshan Many customers of the trust and support, the guests have to thank the dinner on the set, Bo Chong, Yong Yi, Yuqiang and many other well-known enterprises come here, a total of the future.

Dinner style                

Nie total speech dinner, Nie first first solemnly sincere thanks to all customers here on the sea star laser all the way to support and trust; followed by sea star laser as a global user to provide high-end intelligent equipment solutions for state-level high-tech enterprises, Focus on the field of laser cutting, is committed to research and development to produce more in line with market demand for high-end smart equipment, "China Zhi Zhi" promoters, while doing a good job for customers to create more value, and promote the surrounding areas of Zhongshan and related industries High-end, high value-added good and fast sustainable development; Finally, Nie total that sea star laser will not forget the original heart, do not live up to the expectations of customers, and customers work together to create brilliant.

Xu total speech dinner, Xu total expression of the customer's gratitude, on the other hand focused on the Division I 2017's main benchmarking products - HF · G series of fiber laser cutting machine. The series of machines has become a laser industry in the high-power fiber laser cutting machine typical representative, access to the customer's widely recognized, in addition to the advantages of the software, the hardware's biggest bright spot: one is the use of the sea star laser independent research and development And the second is the use of IPG laser, IPG Photonics is the world's largest fiber laser manufacturers are the world's leading high-power fiber lasers and amplifiers, produced by the efficient fiber lasers, fiber amplifiers are ongoing performance Innovation and breakthrough, the use of a new type of solid-state diode, with high quality beam quality and reliability of ultra-high output power and higher electro-optical conversion efficiency advantages, while IPG Photonics fiber lasers than traditional lasers and non-laser equipment more Environmental protection.

Customer Representative The customer representative expressed the gratitude of the sea star laser as always supported, "it is because of the sea star laser provides high-end intelligent equipment, fiber laser cutting machine, in order to make our production efficiency doubled, Reduce production costs and improve the company's economic efficiency and market competitiveness, "but also hope that the sea Star Star laser can produce more intelligent equipment, wish the sea star laser development is getting better and better. And this dinner atmosphere to the climax is undoubtedly the lucky draw. Sea Star Star Laser at this dinner set up a warranty card, purchase coupons and other prizes, won the welcome customers on-site, and customers with the winning purchase coupons and Zhongshan regional manager Mr. Zou Fengwu site reached a high-power fiber Laser cutting machine purchase intention.

The dinner as a sea star laser tour of a tour, not only deepen the friendship between each other, leaving the sea star laser face to face to understand the customer's needs and aspirations. Sea Star Star laser as China's high-end intelligent equipment Zhizhi enterprises, we are the creator, it is the actual promoter. We will be the potential for the pioneering and innovative, adhering to the "intimate service, so you peace of mind to create wealth" business philosophy to create products in line with market demand for customers to create value, lead by example to promote "Made in China 2025".

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